Our Team

Our team is here to fulfil and serve the needs of every single customer on personal basis.

We pride ourselves in producing carers who hold high regard for what they do and raise themselves to competitive standards when providing and delivering the premium quality care to our clients. Our organisation takes a holistic and individual-centred approach to the care that we offer. Our team knows the importance of value we can deliver, impacting your day in positive way.

Our carers are fully trained, highly qualified and deeply dedicated. Our team consists of individuals from a diverse ethnic background, who fluently speak wide range of languages to suit any client’s needs and preferences.

What we do is personal to us and we take pride in holding ourselves to a high standard of service we deliver to our clients. It is demonstrated in our long-term partnerships and strong relationships that we’ve built with our customers and their families, who express great trust and confidence in us.Their testimonials are indication of how invested and dedicated to delivering premium quality of care making Care feel like Home.

Meet The Team

Melesia Facey
Managing Director / Consultant
Janet Payne
Branch Operations Manager
Rudra Gautam
Belinda Edney
Care Coordinator
Samantha Lord
Care Coordinator
Azaan Ahmad
Human Resources / Recruitment
Antonia Dunster
Kamila Dovidauskaite
Atiya Davids
Field Care Supervisor
Alex Doolan
Field Care Supervisor