New mum support

Bringing a new baby home

is one of the most exciting and happy times of our life. But it can also be one of the most challenging.

The arrival of a new baby brings so much happiness that one might not be able to express in words. At the same this is a beautiful challenge for both parents.

In the near past, the mum and the newly born child would visit and stay at the parents or grandparents. But nowadays, it is less of a common practice which means that the new mum has to cope alone while the new dad has to resume work after a short paternity leave.

Despite this, new mums do a great job because mums can do anything! But how much easier would it be for her to have a helper?

Someone who can take care of the baby while she has a rest, takes a shower, or does some errands. And who can encourage, support, and look after the new mum herself! Having an extra pair of caring hands at home over the first few months allows the new mum to heal and feel more relaxed in her new role.

That is where “New Mums Support Service” comes in. Our staffare dedicated to providing support for new mums and their families.

Our qualified staff have helped

  • Mums without a close network of supportive and available extended family.
  • Mums recovering from a difficult birth.
  • Mums at risk of postnatal depression.
  • Multiple births
  • Babies with medical complications, including premature birth and reflux.
  • Families with other young children.
  • First time mums who would like some help and support.