Our story

Our story began with the founder of Chenai Holistic Home Care

Care just over a decade ago. When, the founder was introduced to the field of Care in a role of care worker. This exposure rapidly revealedthe realistic picture of the industry, the gaps that are often overlooked, highlighting the need for improvement.

The understanding of that very need had stemmed the drive to create and be the better alternativethe field of homecare had unfulfilled vacancy for. Advancing to management role the future founderwas quickly learning the effective ways, challenges and limitations she had to overcome. The next step led her to charity work abroad,for significant period of time. That would influence her understanding and shape her determination even further.

A small and unforgettableplace in India,known as Chennai will have a major impact on forming this company and inspiring the name.

Today the quality of the service we deliver to our customers reflects that deep knowledge, experience, integrity, high values and principles that were incorporated into building our organisation with added devotion to providing premium quality care we can be proud of. Our strength lies in implementing every bit of feedback from our customers and our humble approach to use it as our soil for growth. We thrive on challenge and our ambition is to reach out to people who might need our services. To let them know that we are here to make Care feel like Home.