Fees and funding

Understanding all of your funding options can make a big difference to the care you choose.

Government support

Each person’s situation is different and based on an assessment by your local authority, you might be eligible for government assistance in meeting some, or all, of your care costs. Social care isn’t free to everyone. If your needs have been assessed and match the level required by

the council to be given support, a financial assessment will be carried. The outcome of such assessment determines how much money is allocated towards your care. The council will also be responsible to allocate a care provider such as ourselves to cater for your services.


If you do not qualify for government support, you might have to consider funding your care privately. In this case you will be dealing with us directly rather than your local council. The level of support and care

you will receive will not defer and you should expect the highest standard od service delivery from us.

Support from charities

There are many charities offering support to people who need social care. Organisations such as Age UK and Mencap do a great job in providing information, support and – in some cases – financial advice.

If you require further information and advice in regards to your care, do not hesitate to contact us;

Tel : 0203 929 5500

Email : info@chhca.co.uk